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About the company:Company Beirut for lighting and cables is one of the leading companies in the field of trade electrical products, which contributed to the servicing of projects electric lighting in all provinces of the country of electrical materials and cables and represents the major companies in the rationalization and reduction of personal consumption expenditures, covering all the needs of internal and external, and provide complete solutions for lighting taking into account the provision of high energy and effort and price competition, and was able to gain the confidence of specialists throughout the provinces of the country.

The company step Jabara and a quantum leap over the opening of a special section for importing external and access to global markets and fairs and shopping them and stand on all that is good and supplying local markets interior with the latest models and all that is new and evolving beyond existing styles of local and impose models and styles and all that is new, in addition to that it is cooperating company with more approved suppliers in the field of lighting cables and electrical appliances to get the archive massive material and to work on getting a bigger share of possible applications for projects and tenders, and in order to servicing all pledges electrical and best price competition based on the theme (of fair competition is innovation in the provision of service to customers). And clients of the company are real wealth we have, and the conviction formed our that development and expansion gives continuity to the company in local and international markets in addition to gaining the trust of customers and identify their problems and the obstacles they face and the requirements that they require so that the company can provide all the desires and models developed and modern.

In order to achieve its goal, the company opened a center in the thriving and work on the distribution and organization of work to be requests for wholesale and serve the projects are out there to increase communication with customers and make applications in their hands better and easier, bypassing the obstacle and hardship entering the city center and the same quality and specifications and prices.


Beirut aspires for lighting and cables to become one of the leading companies in the field of electrical products that serve the largest number of customers, projects and provide them with the best services.

Key principles in the work:
1. Relationship with the customer
2. Constant search for the best goods that suits the local market
3. Precision work for the customer gets his request fully without an increase or decrease
4. The best price for products

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